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For many years, Elli felt like they were the only Kosher family in the UAE. Elli has always held a passion for delicious home-cooking using recipes passed on from generations of women cooking for loved ones reaching back hundreds of years.

Recently, interest in kosher food has increased significantly in part due to popular Netflix binge-watching series like “Unorthodox” and “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” and has sparked a new curiosity in people from all cultures.


Although people are busier than ever, additional concerns for health and transparency in food preparation, already inherent in the Kosher lifestyle, have made Elli’s freshly prepared meals even more appealing.

Elli’s Kosher Kitchen follows a clearly outlined set of dietary laws for the foods that are permitted for consumption and how those foods must be prepared, or “kashrut” (meaning “fitness”)- a slightly stricter version of “halal”. Fortunately, this mutual respect from the local residents (along with Elli’s culinary expertise) has boosted Elli’s kitchen through word of mouth to be busier than ever.



Home Delivery

Elli has recently introduced a menu to make sampling her homemade Jewish food stress-free. Decide whatever strikes your fancy or choose from her delectable array of mouthwatering desserts which are innovative as much as based on recipes passed on from generation to generation!


Given Elli’s preference for a Kosher lifestyle, she is especially considerate of intolerances and other special diets. Therefore, special menus can easily be created for conferences and family groups with prior notice depending on the size of the order.

Home is where the heart is so Elli’s Kosher Kitchen can be delivered anywhere in the UAE so join our priority waiting list now for when we restart delivery service soon!


Rabbi Yehuda Sarna - Chief Rabbi of the UAE

“Elli's Kosher Kitchen is amazing...Elli prepared a magnificent dinner for us, accommodating everyone seamlessly. The food was delicious and the presentation colorful and outstanding.”

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