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Premier, authentic kosher catering in the UAE

Established in Dubai, Elli’s Kosher Kitchen began as a small business run out of a home kitchen as a way of providing individuals and small groups with home-cooked Kosher food that couldn’t be found elsewhere in the Emirate. With the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE following the signing of the historic Abraham Accords in September 2020, an influx of kosher visitors to Dubai has meant that demand for Elli’s delicious food has skyrocketed, taking her kitchen from a small, family-run affair to a fully-fledged homegrown business. Through a recent partnership with Marriott hotels, and the opening of a large catering facility in Abu Dhabi, Elli is thrilled to now be able to cater to all kosher eaters in the region - from individuals and small groups, to events and hotels across the UAE. 


Elli’s Kosher Kitchen follows a clearly outlined set of dietary laws for the foods that are permitted for consumption and how this foods must be prepared (also knows as ‘kashrut’, a slightly stricter version of halal), and it is Elli’s culinary expertise, respect for ingredients and understanding of both local and kosher culture that makes her such a renowned authority on kosher food In the UAE. 





Rabbi Yehuda Sarna - Chief Rabbi of the UAE

“Elli's Kosher Kitchen is amazing...Elli prepared a magnificent dinner for us, accommodating everyone seamlessly. The food was delicious and the presentation colorful and outstanding.”

Clients and Partners

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Ellis Kosher Kitchen