From Elli's kitchen to your table

For many years, Elli and her family were the only kosher family in Dubai. Often, businessmen, rabbis, families, honeymoon couples, and individuals traveling through reached out to them asking where to find kosher food. As the lack of ready prepared kosher food poses a dilemma for many people, today Elli's Kosher Kitchen provides delicious, home-cooked, kosher meals to meet the needs of kosher travellers. Bringing kashrut to you in the UAE. Feel at home in Dubai. 


Order to your Hotel

Elli offers set menus for lunch and dinner. Decide what you would like to eat and place your order. Let Elli know where and when to deliver.

Special menus can be created for conferences and family groups.

Fresh, healthy, home-made kosher food will be brought to your location. Couldn't be simpler.


Rabbi Yehuda Sarna - Chief Rabbi of the UAE

“Elli's Kosher Kitchen is amazing...Elli prepared a magnificent dinner for us, accommodating everyone seamlessly. The food was delicious and the presentation colorful and outstanding.”

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