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Kosher travelers visiting Dubai for the first time are typically not sure what they will encounter.


The first assumption is that kosher food will not be available. Certainly, there are no kosher restaurants, cafes, bakeries, butcheries or delis in Dubai. This has limited the ability of travelers to spend longer periods of time in Dubai and to explore the wonderful cityscape and its marvels.


Responding to this need, Elli provides healthy, home-cooked food from her domestic kosher kitchen to your hotel. The food she provides is the same food she prepares for her family, using her trusted family recipes, carefully checked and fresh kosher ingredients.  



Elli makes use of kosher products with the following hechsherim: OU, K, StarK, KLBD (Kosher London Beth Din) and BD UOS SA (Beth Din Union of Orthodox Synagogues South Africa).


Elli is a South African born sociologist and food-lover who has lived in Dubai since 2013. She is the mother of 3 beautiful children who have been raised within the highly-respected, age-old tradition of a kosher diet. Her husband is the leader of the local community in Dubai. 


Elli describes her food as worldly, cross-cultural, healthy and delicious!


By providing kosher food to travellers in the UAE, Elli's hope is that they will feel the hospitality,

warmth and quality of service that is characteristic of this part of the world.