About Elli and Her Kitchen

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people do not normally associate traditional Jewish home cooking within the textured multicultural fabric of the UAE- let alone it’s much stricter Kosher protocols! When Elli moved into the community with her husband and three children back in 2013, this cultural gap combined with the lack of readily available Kosher products in the UAE served to strengthen Elli’s sense of purpose.


Elli was born and proudly raised in South Africa by Greek parents. She is a Sociologist and self-professed foodie with a deep respect for ancient history and culture which naturally led her to live in multiple cities around the world including Argentina. Her appreciation for traditional Jewish and Kosher food has made it difficult to eat in restaurants therefore she decided to invite people into her own kitchen and Elli’s Kosher Kitchen was born!


Over the years, Elli has blended her multicultural family recipes with local flavors to create unique, mouthwatering “Kosherati” dishes that are both familiar to locals and meant to be generously shared with loved ones of all ages.


What started out as a way to help travelers extend their time in Dubai for business or to explore its wonderful cityscape and world-class marvels has led to a growing demand for fresh Kosher meals as well as Jewish cuisine in general for the local population of Emiratis and expats.


By providing Kosher food to travelers and residents in the UAE, Elli’s hope is that you will feel the hospitality, warmth, and quality of service characteristic to this part of the world and embraced by her family.


With the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE in 2020, Elli experienced an increase in demand for her food from both tour operators and hotels.


Following the success of the Dubai operation, Elli launched her second kitchen in Abu Dhabi in partnership with the Aloft Hotel, a brand of the prestigious Marriott group.


Under this partnership Elli’s Kosher Kitchen has established a kosher food preparation and distribution centre at Aloft Abu Dhabi. Elli’s Kosher Kitchen now facilitates everything from small scale to large scale catering operations for private, government and public organisations, and provide kosher room service options across all hotels in the UAE.


At Aloft Abu Dhabi, visitors can also dine in at the outdoor venue “Glow” on the fifth floor and stay at the hotel for preferential rates with full kosher service. Contact Ramaya Ubando or Anne Gonzales on +971 2 654 5000 or kosher.auh@alofthotels.com.