The Humble Origin of Elli's

Kosher Kitchen(s)!

When Elli first started assisting kosher travelers, it was from her own kitchen at home. Now she has moved to a commercial kitchen in the five star hotel, Hilton Habtoor City. Elli's humble origins have paid off!

Kosher kitchens require strict rules of adherence that not only apply to the products used but in every step of the food preparation until it is placed on your table. Even then, there is etiquette outlined as to how the food is served and eaten. Therefore, a great deal of thought and care has been given to our environment and what we put in our bodies, in keeping with the Jewish faith.

The underlying principle is that meat and milk products may not be used together in the cooking process nor eaten together at all. It might seem odd at first, and to ensure that mistakes aren’t made, many kosher homes have two kitchens - one for meat and another kitchen for milk.


Needless to say, Elli maintains two separate kitchens in her home with each having its own stove, oven, cooking utensils, microwave, countertops, and even washing facilities. Perhaps she should have named EKK, Elli’s Kosher Kitchens!

Meat Kitchen

Milk Kitchen

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Sign posted area

The area is marked with labels stating 'milk kitchen' to remind those entering the kitchen that separation between areas must be maintained.