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What is 'Kosherati'?

As interest in traditional food preparation, ingredients and recipes continue to grow, Elli is proud to be introducing her own version of Kosher home cooking to the United Arab Emirates. Her own multicultural background (raised in South Africa to Greek parents and living around the world) has enabled her to constantly innovate Kosher recipes with locally-sourced flavors. 

One of the best parts of living in the UAE is access to the incredibly diverse spice souqs as well as the generous invitations to cook amongst other Emirati women in their homes. "Kosherati" refers to the fusion of Kosher and Emirati derived from a mutual blend of familial respect and keeping bellies full. 

From our blended kitchen to your home table!

Emirati Bzar Spices

Emirati spices adapted for traditional dishes such as the Sabbath staple: cholent

Emirati-style challah cover

A challah cover made with traditional Emirati fabric, Sadu, which is used in tents, pillows, blankets, carpet, decoration of camel saddles and belts.


An Arab twist to an Ashkenaz pastry: rugelach are usually filled with chocolate but here they are filled with dates, orange blossom water and cinnamon

Balaleet kugel

The ingredients of Balaleet and kugel are surprisingly similar - so here they have been combined!


Borekas filled with sweet Emirati pumpkin pudding: aseeda

Chebab blintzes

Emirati pancakes delivered blintze style. The cream filling is flavored with rosewater and saffron and sweetened with date syrup.

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