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Following the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE, Elli has experienced an increase in demand for her food from both tour operators and hotels. 

Following the success of her Dubai operation, Elli launched a kitchen in Abu Dhabi in partnership with the Aloft Hotel, a brand of the prestigious Marriott group, expanding her venture in the UAE.


Under this partnership  Elli’s Kosher Kitchen has established a kosher food preparation and distribution centre at Aloft Abu Dhabi. Elli’s Kosher Kitchen now facilitates everything from small scale to large scale catering operations for private, government and public organisations, and provide kosher room service options across all hotels in the UAE.


Elli is delighted to be able to extend her services and food to the HORECA industry. 

Elli's Kosher Kitchen is under permanent supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU). OU is the largest and most widely recognized kosher certifying agency in the world. 

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