Lunch & Dinner

Choose from the set menus. Ideal for single travellers or groups of 2-3 people.​ See menu options.

Platters are available on request for business meetings or conferences. Perfect for 4-10 people.

To your hotel

For your convenience, food can be delivered directly to you or to the chef at your hotel. Delivery cost is additional and depends on your location.

Vacation Meals

Special menus can be prepared for families traveling through Dubai. These menus are personalised to meet families needs and tastes. Food can be packaged in 'to go' boxes for ease of use giving you the freedom to explore the UAE without worrying about hungry tummies.

Kosher Supplies

Let us know how you would like to stock up your room and we will arrange the purchase of items you want: energy bars, choc chip cookies, shortbread, crisps, corn thins, rice cakes, nuts, & drinks. All kosher items purchased will have a hechscher and charged at an hourly rate. 


If you are staying in Dubai over Shabbat, you can order a meal and/or a Shabbat travel pack consisting of two candles, two challah rolls (matzah on Pesach), grape juice, disposable kiddish cup and spices for Havdalah. 

Shabbat orders must be received by Thursday 5pm.

Mashgichim Services

Elli can handle all dealings with your hotel to arrange for food to be heated in a halachically compliant manner. This service is most suitable for conference hosts and guests and is available at an additional hourly fee. 

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