Kosher Foods 

Elli has recently introduced set menus for both lunch and dinner to make sampling her homemade Jewish food stress-free. Decide whatever strikes your fancy or choose from her delectable array of mouthwatering desserts which are innovative as much as based on recipes passed on from generation to generation!

Given Elli’s preference for a Kosher lifestyle, she is especially considerate of intolerances and other special diets. Therefore, special menus can easily be created for conferences and family groups with prior notice depending on the size of the order.

Home is where the heart is so Elli’s Kosher Kitchen can be delivered anywhere in the UAE!

**Elli makes use of Kosher products with the following hechsherim: OU, K, StarK, KLBD (Kosher London Beth Din) and BD UOS SA (Beth Din Union of Orthodox Synagogues South Africa).

Lunch & Dinner

Choose from any of our carefully curated set meal menus. These are ideal for individuals or groups of 2-4 people who prefer a selection of freshly prepared items. ​ 


Larger platters are available upon request for business meetings or conferences which suit up to 10 people however we can accommodate as needed.

Wherever you are

Elli and her team are excited about exploring new ways of transporting their signature flavors from her kitchen to you anywhere in the UAE- and packaged with love.

Get in touch and see what's on the menu!

Special Orders

Special menus can be personalized and prepared to meet particular needs and tastes. Vegan, dairy, nut-free and other requests can be accommodated wherever necessary then beautifully packaged in 'to go' boxes thus giving you the freedom to enjoy Elli’s recipes without worrying about upset tummies!

Kosher Supplies

You can order certified Kosher snacks to stock your kitchen or hotel room.  Popular requests are energy bars, chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, crisps, corn thins, rice cakes, nuts, and an assortment of drinks.

Of course, everything is certified "Kosher" and is sourced from around the world.


Similar to the Muslim faith, Jews honor the seventh day of the week as a day of rest to spend quality time together with friends & family. Our distinct Shabbat meal package includes 2 candles, 2 challah rolls (either matzah on Pesach), grape juice, a disposable blessed or “kiddush” cup, and EKK’s own blend of savory spices for “Havdalah”.

*Shabbat orders must be received by 5pm Thursdays

Mashgichim Services

EKK can arrange for food to be heated in a halachically compliant manner for your home or hotel for an additional hourly fee.


This service is especially helpful for events or conferences that want to make sure their Kosher food is handled with proper care.

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