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Chebab style blintzes recipe

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I recently made these for Shavuot. I wanted to put a local flavour into the blintzes I would be making, in recognition of the environment in which we are celebrating - the United Arab Emirates. This adaptation works well as chebabs are pancakes, which are typically eaten for breakfast with cheese and honey, so there is synergy with blintzes.

The chebab recipe is also very similar to the blintz recipe except that it has yeast inside. The yeast makes it more spongy and doughy / thicker than blintzes. The chebab recipe includes spices that are the trademark of the Emirates: saffron and cardamom. These spices go very well with a cheese filling. Date syrup is also used as an accompaniment to the cheese. I drizzled it over the pancakes. Because of the saffron, the pancakes should come out a golden colour - almost the colour of turmeric. My chebabs did not have enough saffron (see photo), so I have upped the quantity in the recipe.

If you prefer a thinner blintz, in keeping with the tradition, then use your favourite blintz recipe but add in the saffron and cardamom spices. You can use the quantities below as a guide.