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Dubai fish market

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Those who keep kosher know that any fish with fins and scales is a kosher fish. I have - as yet - not found any frozen fish supplies with a hechsher. This does not bother me as I prefer to use fresh fish in my cooking, anyway. The problem is having it scaled and cleaned and filleted in a place that it is not mixed with any non-kosher seafood.

The Dubai Fish Market at The Waterfront in Deira is a new development and is a renovated fish market - all indoors and air conditioned and appeared to be very clean. This is one of the markets that I buy fish from - although its a 40 minute drive from my home! The fish is bought and transported to my home in ice and on the same day, I have a professional chef come clean, skin and fillet the fish. This happens on a regular basis and gives me piece of mind that the fish I have purchased is actually a kosher fish.

There are many local variety of fish with fins and scales. I make use of Sheri, Hamour, Sultan Ibrahim, Mackerel and sardines. Sheri and Hamour are wonderfully tasty and firm fish which are easy to cook with. We are also get Sea Bass from Turkey, Cod and Dover Sole from the UK, Nile Perch from Uganda and Salmon from Norway and Scotland. There are of-course many other fish that are available, but these are the ones I prefer and mostly use in my recipes.

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