Elli's Kosher Kitchen meets Mexico!

A few months ago, we received Shabbos guests from the city of Mexico. We had a beautiful evening, exchanging information about each other's community, talking about how we navigate schooling, food and religious issues. Following this wonderful Shabbat together, our distinguished guest, Snr. Emilio Penhos described his experience for his community by way of an article in their impressive community journal Identidad. It provides an honest overview of what most Jewish travelers to Dubai will feel when coming here. Part of my mission with Elli's Kosher Kitchen is to help people feel at home in Dubai. It is a hospitable place with amazing sights - everyone should surely experience it.

Dubai is our home. We are happy and comfortable here. Our children have spent more years in Dubai than in their country of birth. For them, this too is the home they know best.

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