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Updated: May 10

I have for many years preferred a vegetarian lifestyle and being kosher in Dubai has certainly helped with that. I love eating and cooking with veggies and the growing vegan trend is so exciting with all the new recipes and options that are emerging.

My eldest child is vegan and there are so many kosher products available that this is no problem for us in Dubai. I am amazed at what we can find here. It is definitely more than what I am used to seeing in South Africa.

If you are traveling to Dubai and need kosher vegan products, this is what you can get:

  • Soya products (sausages, hamburger patties, chicken-style strips, vegan mince, vegan pies)

  • Tofu products (sausages, hamburger patties)

  • Deli slices (great for sandwiches or on rice cakes)

  • Vegan cheeses

  • Yogurts (plain and fruit flavoured; almond based or coconut based)

  • Oat milk, coconut milk and cream, rice milk, almond milk, soya milk

  • Wraps, rice cakes, corn thins, crisps

  • Ice cream (tofu, sorbet, coconut-milk based)

From Elli's Kosher Kitchen, you can order ready-made vegan food to your hotel. I have a number of delicious salads to choose from such as this fruity and colourful cabbage salad. The ingredients are red cabbage, dried apricots, orange segments, seedless red grapes and pistachio slivers. Its light and juicy and very refreshing in the desert heat!

Fruity cabbage salad
Elli's Kosher Kitchen

For dessert, I have this amazing chocolate vegan cheesecake. It is absolutely delicious!! The base is dates and walnuts. The filling is made with agave syrup, avocado, and cocoa. I have to credit my friend Sarah Sassoon for this dessert. It was at her home in Johannesburg many years ago that I first tasted this recipe, and I have never forgotten it. This recipe is also great for Pesach.

Vegan chocolate cheesecake
Elli's Kosher Kitchen

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