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Kosher treats for kids in Dubai

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Treat your kids while in Dubai. Here's a list of what you can find:

Baskin Robbins:

Close to the Shangri La Hotel on Shaik Zayed Road, there is a Baskin Robbins Dessert Cafe. Their ice cream and cones are kosher and if you ask to see the packaging, you will see the hechscher. All their products come directly from Canada.

Haagen Daz:

You will find many stalls around the city - mainly in shopping centers. Like the Baskin Robbins, their ice creams and cones ae imported with the hechsher.

Candylicious - Dubai Mall:

This is a sweet shop like no other in Dubai. You will find a wide selection of candy with the OU hechscher.

Choithrams, Lulus, Carrefour, Waitrose:

A selection of chips / crisps, biscuits and dried fruit from the US and UK with OU and KLBD.

Hyperama Dubai:

The Hyperama in Dubai is a South African store that stocks many great South African sweets with a hechsher. Try the fizzers, candies (such as fruit sparkles) and chocolates - find the Top Deck. The green cream soda will definitely go down well (my kids' favorite)! To find out which South African sweets are kosher (they are marked but to be extra sure), check out the Union of Orthodox Synagogues (South Africa) online kosher guide.

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