Which hechschers can you find in Dubai?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that the supermarkets are full of kosher products. The product range is vast and covers dry goods (e.g., pastas, rice, four, sugar, salt, biscuits, crackers etc), dairy products (fresh and frozen but not chalav yisrael), vegan products (incl. pareve margarine), fish products (tins), drinks, spices and condiments as well as sweets and chocolates. You can even find frozen pizzas and bagels! I have been living in Dubai for 7 years and I keep discovering more products every day.

The products come from many countries including (but not limited to) the US, UK, South Africa, and Australia. I am less familiar with the kosher products of France and Italy as I have not spent much time in these environments and the products are generally not marked. Therefore, if you know which products are kosher, please let me know. There are many French and Italian products around and I am sure some of them must be kosher.

Here are some of the hechshers I have found in Dubai:

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