Preparing for Pesach 2020

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

How different Pesach was last year! I traveled back to South Africa to purchase all of my Pesach goods and returned with bags of essentials. I returned with approximately 90kgs of goods in my luggage. I remember that my store trolley looked ridiculous since it was so overloaded. I attracted many stares and could imagine people thinking 'is this woman meshuga? Doesn't she know we are not going to starve over Pesach?'. Little did they know I was stockpiling for Dubai!

Pesach 2019 shopping at Pick 'n Pay in South Africa looked like this:

This year, with the global lockdown, we are unable to travel. The downside: we are far away from our families and we will miss out on the Pesach luxuries you can find back home. The upside: it opens a whole new door to cooking and creativity!

Although we are freighting some things to Dubai this year, it's mainly matzah and grape juice since we have the responsibility of making sure many people get what they need. Our matzah has come from New York with thanks to our Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yehuda Sarna.

We also have items coming in from London with some special treats such as chocolate inside! These are our bags at Heathrow Airport:

In terms of cooking, its back to wholesome, organic basics. I will be using fresh, whole, unprocessed natural ingredients only, which is very much my style anyway. Making my own sauces, dressings, spices and flavorings and of-course, charoset.

My Pesach menu is on the website. Take a look.

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