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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (JTA) — Last year, Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a treaty establishing diplomatic relations. But for more than a year earlier, diners in the UAE had already been finding their way to Jewish culture — via the home cooking of a South African expatriate.

Parfois Dubaï nous offre des surprises stupéfiantes, des moments qui font l’histoire, qui nous y font entrer nous, simples spectateurs, de plain pied par la grande porte.

Elli’s Kosher Kitchen is an official catering service for Kosher options at GITEX 2020. Founded in 2019, the home kitchen is serving Israeli delegations attending the annual event.

Anticipating influx of Jewish tourists, city instructs its many hotels to offer kosher items on all menus and bars, ‘designate an area in all kitchens for Kosher food preparation’

As UAE and Israeli officials prepare for the upcoming signing of a bilateral peace agreement, another item is on the menu for discussion: kosher cuisine.

US-based organization says it will oversee dietary regulations, alongside local Jewish community, following request by Emirati leadership

Elli´s Kosher Kitchen: el primer emprendimiento de catering kasher en el Golfo Pérsico.  Te lo presentamos aquí.

Local kosher caterer, Elli Kriel, launched Elli’s Kosher Kitchen last year, and is now partnering with Habtoor Hospitality, becoming the first hotel group to introduce Kosher food and beverage services to its UAE properties.

Elli’s Kosher Kitchen, the United Arab Emirates’ only kosher food establishment, received an OU hechsher prior to the visit of the Israel-US delegation to the United Arab Emirates this week.

The first Jewish kitchen in Dubai has seen demand skyrocket following the peace deal brokered between Israel and UAE on August 13. Kitchen owner and founder, Elli Kriel, revealed in Dubai on Wednesday that she officially launched Elli’s Kosher Kitchen in 2019, after cooking food for rabbis who were attending an interfaith conference.

A number of hotels in the UAE will start offering kosher food. Habtoor Hospitality is the first hotel group to introduce kosher cuisine to its culinary portfolio.

ברקע היחסים ההולכים ומתהדקים עם מדינות המפרץ, קייטרינג יהודי כשר שנפתח בדובאי מעניין מאוד את חובבי הבישול במדינה • צעירה יהודיה שעברה למדינה מדרום אפריקה החלה להפיץ את המטבח הכשר והמקומיים מאוד אוהבים אותו • עכשיו היא מתחילה בשיתוף פעולה עם בלוגר מקומי

Chebab pancakes served like blintzes. Balaleet noodles baked like kugel. Cholent stew simmered with a bzar spice blend.

Elli Kriel calls it Kosherati, kosher cooking with an Emirati twist.

Kriel is the creator of Elli’s Kosher Kitchen, which provides hearty home-cooked meals that are kosher, meeting the dietary requirements of Jewish law.

The UAE has and continues to pioneer tolerance in a move to become a global capital for acceptance and to instil the values of co-existence and peace.

وعندما انتقلت عالمة الاجتماع المولودة في جنوب أفريقيا، إيلي كريل، إلى دبي مع مع عائلتها عام 2013، لم تكن تعرف أي شخص آخر يلتزم بحمية غذائية تستند إلى تعاليم "كوشير" اليهودية.

Wer in Dubai vor einem leeren Kühlschrank steht, hat die Qual der Wahl. Die örtlichen Lieferdienste offenbaren ein kulinarisches Universum jenseits von Pizza, Burger oder Chicken Tikka. 

‘Kosherati” is a blend of the words ‘kosher’ and ‘Emirati.' The article claims there are only 200 Jews in the UAE, but there are many Jewish visitors

‘Kosherati” is a blend of the words ‘kosher’ and ‘Emirati.' The article claims there are only 200 Jews in the UAE, but there are many Jewish visitors.

A member of the UAE’s Jewish community has made culinary history with the launch of the first kosher food service in the Gulf region.

The main hall at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, in New Jersey, was bustling with more than 6,000 attendees taking a look at 360 food and drink exhibitors from around the world.

‘Kosherati” is a blend of the words ‘kosher’ and ‘Emirati.' The article claims there are only 200 Jews in the UAE, but there are many Jewish visitors.

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The Jerusalem Report, 21 Sept 2020


UAE’s kosher caterer: Dubai-based Elli Kriel
hosts both the US and Israeli delegations
by Linda Gradstein

Gulf News, 11 June 2020.


This is how Dubai's first kosher kitchen looks like.

Suddeutsche Zeitung, 8 June 2020.


Bei Anruf Koscher, München, Deutschland.

The National, 19-20 June 2020


Kosherati: A Gastronic Blend of Jewish and Emirati Cuisine.


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