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Elli's Kosher Kitchen Reviews



Rabbi Yehuda Sarna - Chief Rabbi of the UAE;
NYU University Chaplain and Director of Bronfman Center, NYU

Elli's Kosher Kitchen is amazing! I led a delegation of 24 people from NYU's Bronfman Center to the UAE - each with different tastes and dietary needs. Elli prepared a magnificent dinner for us, accommodating everyone seamlessly. The food was delicious and the presentation colorful and outstanding. She was a joy to work with!


Rabbi Marc Schneier - The Hampton Synagogue; Founder & President of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding 

Thank you for the delicious kosher meals you prepared for the conference in Abu Dhabi. Personally, the highlight of my attendance! My heartfelt thanks again.


The Mullers - Dubai

Elli’s Kosher Kitchen is a bracha (blessing). For the kashrut-observant visitor and resident alike, this first-class culinary option is a recent windfall to the Gulf region, and reflects Dubai’s globally reputable status as a premier dining destination. Elli’s Kosher Kitchen further illustrates the extent of this great city’s possibilities. The chef’s sincerity and ingenuity combined with the freshness and rarity of the ingredients are surely memorable, but it’s the inexpressible heimishkeit of Elli’s Kosher Kitchen (not to mention its unyielding commitment to comprehensive kashrut standards) that makes it such a sought-after option. The dishes, an engaging amalgam of Mediterranean & Middle Eastern fare with representative Ashkenazi-Sefardic cuisine, are a testament to a cosmopolitan Balabusta’s creativity, skill, tenacity. The Moussaka alone, a restorative dish festooned in béchamel and cheese, warrants its own Piyutic paean. To say nothing of the impeccably baked sea bass and sea bream, garlanded with tailor-made lemon and parsley accompaniment, seasoned just so. Does Elli’s Kosher Kitchen have its own fishing boat docked in the Arabian Gulf? Will kosher dining on the frontier ever be the same? Just how much naches would Bubbeh derive from all of this? One can only speculate. But one must believe in something, and we believe this endeavor is what a kosher kitchen is meant to be.


Jeffrey, U - California

Ellie’s Kosher Kitchen couldn’t have been more amazing.  When we planned on traveling to Dubai, we thought we’d be stuck with traditional soups and other run-of-the-mill kosher items that we would be allowed to bring. Communicating easily via email or what’s app, we organized a personalized menu for our entire family.  We asked for low-fat, and Ellie’s Kosher Kitchen produced delicious meals, brought directly to our hotel.  They even communicated directly with the hotel kitchen to ensure that the food would be heated up and served in accordance with halachah.  We are extremely thankful and appreciative for having had the opportunity to interact with such wonderful people – their main focus was trying to help and to ensure we were happy.  Wonderful people and wonderful service!


Treitel Family - New York

Thank you so much for the great food and terrific service. You were wonderful to work with from start to finish. The venue was beautiful and meeting you was an extra treat. We wish you much success in your business and your work building the community! With much appreciation and gratitude for everything.

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